Saturday, 21 May 2011

about me..

my name is Siti Sarah bt Mohamad Yadi.I am 19 years old.My father's name is Mohamad Yadi bin Othman,my mother's name is Salmah bt Abdullah.I come from Sabak Bernam Selangor.I like nasi lemak very much,every weekend I must go to mamak stall and buy a nasi lemak.

I study at KUIS Bangi,this is a second semester for me here.I have a best friend name Hafiza,She is from Klang Selangor.She is very pretty and she love sleep,every morning I must go to her room to make sure she already awake and we walk together to class.

Actually,I cannot speak in English well,but I had to learn English.7 years ago,when I am 12 years old,I got E in subject English,I feel very shy to my friend.Start from that I learn to improve my English.Alhamdulilliah now i can,even some times I make a mistake.

I am from poor family,my father work as lobor,he did not have a big income,my mother is house wife so she cannot help my father to fine more income for support my family.However,I have a happy family,I love my family.I have 7 siblings,and I am number 2 between them.My first sister name Ramizah,she is 21 years old.She is study at IKIP Pahang.She loves cooking.Then my younger sister name Aisyah,she is 17 years old,she still study at SMK Bagan Terap,same school I was study before.She is very active student,she involved in Kadet Polis.Then my younger sister name Norasyikin,she is 15 years old,she stay with my aunty.Then my younger sister name Faizah,she is 13 years old,she is very nice girl,she love ice cream very much.Then my younger brother Ridzuan,he is only boy in my siblings,he is 7 years old.He is very naughty,he likes to ride bicycle.Every evening he must be with his bicycle.Last,my younger sister Intan,she is 1 years old,she is very cute.I love my family very much.During secondary school,my ambition is want to be a doctor,but I cannot continue my study in that scope because I did not sit SPM in subject physics and chemistry.That is not what I want,I am suffer liver disease and I had to undergo surgery.I feel very sad and I do not want to continue my study.After my injury get better,I went to Shah Alam and worked as factory worker.I know how hard work as someone who did not have an education.

One day I met a woman,she is very small,she is 40 years old,she's name Dr Ruziah.She is the person who make me have a spirit to continue my study.She introduce me to her friend and with her's help I started my study here.Alhamdulillah ,for my first semester,I got 3.12 in my examination.Even I weak in English but I must try to make a good future.If someone like Dr Ruziah can be a director,why not me.