Monday, 18 July 2011

Green Environment

         Do you ever know about deforestation? it is a huge problem in the world. over half of the once great rainforests of the world are now patches of dry dusty soil, large farmlands, or cattle grazing lands. everyone is complaining about global warming and a whole in the ozone layer but no one seems to notice, or want to notice for the matter, that the only preventable cause of this is deforestation.
       Deforestation happens naturally from time to time through wildfires. Trees, plants, and animals all recover from such events naturally; in fact some benefit from a fire. Birds such as the black-backed woodpecker thrive only in freshly burned areas where they eat insects that bore into the burned trees. Some trees such as the lodgepole pine produce serrotonous cones. These are cones that are fused shut and only open when a wildfire cooks the cone, thereby spreading the seeds into a freshly burned area with little other competition. Over time, burned areas regrow into forests.

(1) imagine you are a part of a big orchard with lot of trees around. how do feel being cut?

as a part of a big orchard with a lot of trees around, i'm definitely feel very sad and upset for sure to feel being cut because i have no longer friends around me. other that, i can't enjoy the beauty of nature anymore when trees around me are being cut and also feel that people is not fair towards us.
 sometimes i'm thinking why peoples cut us? the simple answer is to obtain wood, but there are more to it than that. for instance, to produce paper pulp and to clear land for cash crops. as trees, we also longed to live peacefully like humans and not disturbed by them. but, when people cut down trees, they're basically committing murder. because the more trees we have,  the better the oxygen is in your environment, and also in the world. and when you are cut us down, you're kind of killing air little, by little.

(2) what will happen to all the animals which were taking shelter on you?

Plants and animals in the natural world typically benefit from one type of habitat or another, or else benefit from living along the boundaries between two habitat types. Animals that are specifically adapted to live in the forest cannot usually survive if their habitat is taken away. However, deforestation may benefit certain other animals, particularly grazing animals. It is for this reason that humans clear forests such as the Amazon for cattle grazing.
Many birds benefit from having two habitats next to each other; the forest provides security but little food while the open field provides food but relatively little security. Living along the boundary allows these types of animals to benefit from the strengths of both habitats. Deer are another example of an animal that may benefit from an "edge" habitat. well, if it is
 non-killshelter they spend the rest of their lives behind bars, or until they get adopted. but if it is a killshelter.. well when their time is up they get poison injected into them and they will die.

(3) what would be the surroundings like after you are cut?

it would be uninhabitable to animals especially. there will no else trees which are roles as shelter to people and animals. this is because trees are an integral part of our daily life that produce oxygen which every living thing needs in order to survive on earth. besides, there will be global warming and a whole in the ozone layer will become thinning. in addition, forest fire will occur because of the weather is too hot. other than that, oxygen will be reduced  for human race and also harms the environment and us human.

(4) what change will take place in the environment after you are cut?

 well..of course the development and construction will take place in the environment because that is the main purpose of human to cutting down trees. however, it gives room for agriculture and growing valuable crops. it also allows space for building homes in which people can lives. but, the disadvantages of this change is the air will polluted and dangerous for living things.

(5) message you would like to give to people who are cutting down trees.

 first thing first, i would like to tell to people who are cutting down trees to think before do because as humans, we need to have feelings to trees and environment. besides, they must preserve the environment because trees are used in cosmetics, resource of oxygen, food, nesting for birds, and some land animals. some medicines are also derived from the bark of some trees as well. so if people is cutting down the trees, how they will be able to using the resources from the trees anymore?
  other than that,  

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